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Forum Rules

Puberty Topics Rules
  1. Bumping - Please do not bump a thread with more than two years of inactivity.
  2. Multiple Posting - You may double post only when you’re responding to your own question
  3. Posting Threads - Please try to avoid posting threads with topics that have already been addressed.
  4. Puberty Related - Keep all content related to puberty related topics.
Pictures, Trading, Webcamming
Trading explicit - nude or pornographic - pictures or engaging in sexual or explicit acts on webcams is not allowed on TeenThat, for the safety and health of the community. In addition, if you are under 18, these actions are also highly illegal.

Any members caught involved in illicit activity will automatically be permanently banned or frozen from the forums and chat room. Sexual or explicit private messages are also strictly against the rules and offenders will be punished. This includes asking/inviting another member to view or take part in a webcamming session or trading explicit pictures. Please also note that if participants are under 18 these activities are also crimes, and may be reported to relevant authorities.

It has also been noticed that many new members spam threads to reach the required post count for private messaging to take place to non-staff members. If this is found to be happening your post count affected by the spamming will be taken away and an infraction/official warning will be given. The private messaging feature is a privilege, not a divine right and will be taken away if standards do not improve. These same rules go for Visitor Messages, as well. Administrators have access to any private messages and all staff members have access to any visitor messages being sent and received and will take the appropriate action when required.

Reporting Private and Visitor Messages

If you receive a explicit or harassing private message or visitor message, what should you do? Report it! To report a message you feel is abusive or against the rules look the column left of your page, and scroll down to the bottom of the private message or visitor message. Here you should find a red danger icon () and you will be brought to a page with a text box for an explanation about the reported post. Once you submit this form, the staff will look into the matter and take the appropriate action towards the sender. This also applies for posts. If you feel a post is abusive towards you or another member or is breaking the rules in any way the report button is the way to go.

The staff at TeenThat take the safety of our members very seriously. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and please be sure to follow what has been said.
Photo or attachment guidelines
Photo or attachment guidelines

For guys,
- With a shirt, or shirtless
- With pants or shorts

Not Allowed
- Sexual poses (Hands on your crotch, or anything else a staff member feels inappropriate)
- Yourself in underpants
- Taken of just your body
- Another person in the photo but yourself
- Pictures that depict, deface or humiliate a person in any shape or form

For girls
- With shirt

Not Allowed
- Sexual poses (hands on your breast, or anything else a staff member feels inappropriate)
- Yourself in underpants
- Taken of just your body
- Another person in the photo but yourself
- Topless pictures (even if they aren't in a sexual way)
- Pictures that depict, deface or humiliate a person in any shape or form.

In case there was confusion from above, no breast/boobs, or penises are allowed no matter the circumstances in any section accessible to teens.
Age limits for Users
The age limits for users will be the following

Teenager: 11 - 17 years old
Young Adult: 18 - 25 years old
Grew up: +26 years (Account is retired and closed at this point)

If you recognize a user is not within these limits, REPORT the user!

Multiple accounts

Creating Multiple accounts

Don't create multiple accounts
If multiple accounts are reported, detected, noticed, or recognized, disciplinary action will be taken. If you have issues with your account, contact the staff. But creating accounts, even to sneak into the 18+ will not be tolerated and you'll risk being banned from the community as a whole! And yes, we are serious.
We are serious

Sharing accounts

If you are one person sharing accounts, it requires it to be in the same household using the same IP address, otherwise you will be required to create seperate accounts.

Ban Hammer